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Uttoxeter Learning Network

The Uttoxeter Learning Network

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses, micro businesses and sole traders is the fact that they have to master so many skills. In addition to delivering your product or service, you have to look after all aspects of planning and development, finance, pricing, book keeping, marketing, advertising, social media, plus HR and all of the legal requirements.  

You have to become not only Jack of all traders, but master of all traders and this requires constant learning.

With these challenges in mind we are delighted to announce the birth of a new business learning network called the Uttoxeter Learning Network which is dedicated to providing training workshops for small businesses. (Large businesses are welcome too!) 

The Uttoxeter Learning Network is affiliated to the Uttoxeter Business Network but is distinctively different in format and purpose and format.

The Uttoxeter Learning Network meets monthly. The first meeting will be on January 28th 2020 future dates for 2020 will be released in December.

The Uttoxeter Learning Network serves two purposes.

  • To provide business related training in the form of mini workshops. (Duration 2 hours)
  • To provide a friendly and informal networking environment which is ideal for those who are new to networking as well as those who are seasoned professionals.


If you would like more information, please contact:


Initial suggestions for topics include social media, (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), planning & goal setting, website best practice, email newsletter, networking.

To help us provide training that is relevant to your needs, please complete our online questionnaire.


Training Survey:

To help us provide training that is relevant to your needs, please complete our online questionnaire.

  • Uttoxeter Learning Network: Training Survey

Your Details (Optional)

Your Name

Company Name

What training and skills would help you to move your business forward.

What is your highest training priority. (eg LinkedIn training)

Please describe your key challenges in this area

What level of training are you looking for?

What other training would you be interested in?

Please tick all boxes that apply.

Priorities, level and more details

Based upon the headings above, please list your top three course priorities. Please provide details of the level of training that you want and specific issues that you want to over come. eg Social Media Specifically LinkedIn and twitter. What to post and how to generate business from social media.

Course 1:

Course 2:

Course 3:

Social Media

Which social media platforms do you use?

What are your key challenges with social media?

What would you like to acheive with social media?

Search engine optimisation

What are your key challenges relating to SEO

Do you have any specific questions relating to SEO?

Please provide any other information regarding your training needs...what else would help you to move your business forward?

Provide more details:

Course details

An outline will be available in advance of each network training session. It will provide a detailed summary, who the course is appropriate for and the key benefits.

It will also outline any course freebies, takeaways, action plans or other documentation that will be given to participants as part of the course.  

Trainers, tutors and consultants who wish to get involved

We would love to hear from trainers and consultants who would like to provide a taster course in order to reach a new audience.

In return for providing a free taster course tutors will receive the following benefits:

  • By providing a taster course, you will be demonstrating the value of your course to a new audience.
  • We will promote the taster course and will include a full course description on our website with web links to your site, your specific course and we will include all of your contact details.
  • Where there is sufficient interest within the network, we will help to coordinate a follow on course.
  • Follow on courses will be purchased collaboratively. The benefit for delegates being a low cost per person, and the benefit for the tutor being a full or almost full course.
  • To show appreciation to trainers who provide these free taster sessions, Heath House Conference Centre will provide you with preferential room hire rates if you use the venue for future training events.
  • It goes without saying, that if you provide the training session, you would not be expected to pay to attend the network event…but we thought we would state it anyway.

Networking: Open to all: Informal and welcoming

There will be opportunities before the workshop for informal networking over coffee and biscuits.

We want to create a very informal, welcoming environment which will be equally attractive to those who are new to networking as well as those who are seasoned professionals on the networking circuit. To encourage this, we would like to suggest that where possible there is a ‘no suits’ approach, but if you have a meeting immediately afterwards and need to wear a suit, that is absolutely fine.


  • 09:30: Arrival, coffee and networking (You are welcome to arrive anytime from 9am)
  • 10:00: Course starts
  • 12:00: Course ends
  • 12:00 to 12:15: Informal networking and coffee
  • 12:15: Departure


The cost to attend is £12 per person. There is no membership fee and you simply pay when you attend. Please book your place in advance by e-mailing emma@heathhouse-conference.co.uk

Join us on social media

The Uttoxeter Learning Network operates two social media groups. Everyone is welcome to join.

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