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Chip Chip Hooray! A meeting venue in Staffordshire which serves seriously good food

How great good food can transform your meeting

Without doubt, the way to your colleague’s hearts is through their stomachs. Get the catering options right and your delegates will be eating out of your hand (hopefully not literally). So, if you are facing a tough meeting agenda, plan to include fantastic food. This simple tactic can have a huge impact on productivity. At Heath House Conference Centre in Uttoxeter Staffordshire, we have developed an enviable reputation for providing amazing food.

The perfect bargaining chip!

If you are organising a regional team meeting some delegates will be travelling substantial distances. Finding a meeting venue which serves great food provides you with the ideal bargaining chip. Giving delegates something to look forward to softens the impact of the long journey.

Avoid food related ‘snaccidents’!

Today, it is common to find that your delegates have food allergies or food sensitivities that restrict what they can eat. Other delegates may follow specific diets out of choice or out of religious beliefs. So whether you are planning regular meetings or a one-off event, take a few minutes to find out what food your attendees like, then speak to the venue make sure that they can provide a menu which accommodates your delegates needs.

As well as checking for the usual requirements and allergies, give your delegates the opportunity to select low-fat options or a low carb options. If you know that everyone is on a healthy eating drive, ask your venue to ensure that there are plenty of interesting salad options that will satisfy hunger and tantalise taste buds, without bursting a belt buckle. Alternatively, if you know that your delegates have hearty appetites, plan to indulge them by including simple crowd-pleasing options like triple cooked homemade chips.

…and if you are still wondering what a snaccident is, the definition is as follows:

*‘Snaccident’ (Noun) In popular culture meaning a snack related accident. He had a snaccident and accidentally ate the family sized bay of chips by himself. You probably wont find this definition in the Oxford English dictionary.

Consistently high quality

When looking for a meeting venue, it is always advisable to check out their reviews on Google. This will give you a good indication of the quality of catering available. It is also a good idea to ask about the venues food hygiene rating. The food standards agency inspects premises and gives them a star rating from 1 to 5. One being the lowest rating and five being the highest rating. Whilst this does not reflect the quality of the food, it does reflect the management of food safety, the cleanliness of the premises and the hygienic handling of food.

google reviews - Heath House Conference Centre, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

At Heath House Conference Centre in Uttoxeter Staffordshire, we have developed an excellent reputation for providing high quality food which caters for all tastes and budgets…though if you read our google reviews you might think that we only serve amazing triple cooked chips!

You can find information about our food hygiene rating on the Food Standards Agency website under the name of our parent company PBM Inspection Services…they rated us as 5, so we are officially very good.

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