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I can’t work from home for ANOTHER 6 months!

I hated working from home!

In the early days of lockdown, most people were enthusiastic about working from home…but the mood seems to be changing.

Last night, Boris took to the stage to tell us all to work from home again. For some, this makes very little difference, but for those who had welcomed returning to the office, this news is a body blow.

“The thought of working from home again makes me want to scream and cry!”

A client of mine…we will call her Katie (not her real name), was near to tears today at the prospect of being forced to work from home again.

Her despair and frustration were palpable.

“I hated working from home and I don’t want to do it again”

Frustration of working from home

Working from home does not work for me!

“It isn’t just the discomfort of having to sit on the dining room chair. I feel pulled in different directions. I’m supposed to be working, but my granddaughter doesn’t understand that. She wants a drink, or something to eat and can’t understand why I’m not jumping up to get it for her…and I feel so guilty not helping Mike [her husband] to look after her”

“Everything is just so difficult, and takes twice as long because of the constant interruptions breaking my train of thought. I just want routine and space to work. My home is mine. I shouldn’t be forced to share it with the company I work for!”

Working remotely rather than working from home

Over the years, Katie has gone from being a client to becoming a friend, so after a quick discussion, and after running through all of the COVID secure measures (Katie has a medical condition which means she is quite vulnerable), we were able to offer her some help.

Serviced office - two person office

She is now set up and working remotely, from one of our COVID safe office pods, which means she has a small office to herself, with a proper office chair, and space to concentrate.

We have other office pods available, so if you know anyone who really doesn’t want to face 6 months of working from home, we can help.

To find out more, contact Emma on 01889 567 014

Or follow this link to find out more
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