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Training Room Hire Check List

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If you are planning an training event, and need to hire a training room, there is a lot to consider.

Selecting the right training venue and hiring the best training room is crucial. The training environment has a significant impact upon how effectively delegates learn.

This guide is designed for anyone who is organising a training course for the first time.

Training Room Hire Checklist

ACOUSTICS: Are the acoustics in the training room suitable?

Does the training room have appropriate sound amplification facilities eg speakers

Will delegates be able to hear the tutor?

TRAVEL, PARKING AND ACCESS: Does the training centre have suitable parking facilities?

Does the training venue have carparking available?

Are carparking facilities FREE– if not, what is the charge?

Is the training venue easy to find?

Can you get to the training centre via public transport?

Is the venue accessible for those with disabilities?


Will someone be on hand to help the presenter to connect to the projector?

Is there a laptop available or does the presenter need to bring their own?

What connectors are available on the projection screen?

Does the presenter have these connectors available on their laptop?


Are there any blind spots in the room?

Will all participants be able to see the screen without twisting?

Can people sitting at the back of the room see the screen clearly?


Does the room have natural daylight?

Are there black out blinds available to prevent glare on the screens?

Are there black out blinds available to prevent glare on the screens?


Can you control the temperature in the room?

Are there windows that open?

Are there thermostatic valves on the radiators?

Will the room be a comfortable temperature upon arrival?


Have you discussed the room layout with the venue?

Which layout option have you agreed?

    • Board room
    • Classroom
    • U-shape
    • Lecture

Check that all delegates facing the screen?

Can all delegates see the screen?


Is the seating in the training room sufficiently comfortable for a full day / half day

Is there enough space on the tables for training materials?


Does the venue have catering facilities?

Can the venue cater for dietary requirements?


Is there free wi-fi available

Will delegates need a password to access the wi-fi

What is the speed and reliability of the wi-fi connection [Particularly where wi-fi is necessary for the course]


Is the floor in the training room carpeted? (Moving chairs on a hard floor can create a loud disruptive noise)

Are there any fire alarms planned during the day?

What other events are happening in the building on the same day and will they cause any disruption?

Is there a coffee lounge or breakout room available where delegates can stretch their legs at break times?

Does the venue provide photocopying services if needed?

Training Room Hire Checklist
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