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Training Room Hire: An insider’s guide to organising training events #6 and #7

Training rooms - Heath House Conference Centre Uttoxeter Stafford

An insider’s guide to organising training events... Continued

Mistake Number 7# Room layout

In our experience, the room layout has a profound effect on engagement which in turn impacts upon learning. Skills based training relies upon developing and extending knowledge and this is often achieved through discussion. The best room layouts for training courses are boardroom style and classroom style. Training room layouts that position delegates away from the tutor are often problematic as they decrease engagement and consequently reduce learning.

Mistake Number 8# Overlooking the small details

This section of common mistakes could also be called ‘Overlooking the obvious’. One of the most memorable examples occurred when we delivered training at a nursery and infant school. The client had chosen to hold the training at the school, so we ran through our usual check list of questions regarding IT, projection facilities, temperature, acoustics and noise. When the tutor arrived onsite everything was laid out exactly as we had requested, but the furniture was the usual classroom furniture…designed for 6 year olds! So the entire teaching team had to sit on tiny chairs, with their knees level with their ears for a full day of training. The client had been responsible for organising the venue and had overlooked a small but obvious detail which impacted upon the comfort of delegates and consequently had a negative impact learning.

The training facilities at Heath House Conference Centre have been developed so that our clients don’t have to worry about these details. Our training facilities have been designed to overcome all of these problems.   

If you would like more information about the training facilities at Heath House Training and Conference Centre, please contact us on 01889 567 014.