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Training Room Hire: An insider’s guide to organising training events

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An insider’s guide to organising training events


Mistake Number 4# Temperature

Temperature is surprisingly important. If delegates are too hot or too cold, they will be distracted. Instead of concentrating on the course, they will be focused upon their own discomfort and consequently will not learn effectively. We have delivered training in meeting rooms that have large expanses of glass windows and know that they can be uncomfortably hot in summer. We have delivered training in rooms that are used infrequently – for example village halls and community spaces, and because they are use infrequently, they take a long time to reach a comfortable temperature. If you are planning a training event, look for training rooms that allow you to control the temperature.

Mistake Number 5# Noise

Noise is enemy of all trainers, tutors, teachers and consultants. It is a BIG issue and is particularly problematic when you are delivering training at your client’s venue or workplace. Noise from the normal hustle and bustle of the working environment drifts into the training room. Door buzzers, telephones, and conversations all disrupt trains of thought making it learning difficult. Uncarpeted training rooms are also problematic as it creates noise when delegates move their chairs.

Mistake Number 6# IT

Projection facilities, sound amplification and fast and reliable wi-fi are often essential for training courses. When we were delivering training at client’s venues, we encountered every type of IT issue possible and eventually opted to carry our own ‘emergency-kit’ which contained a portable projector, a spare laptop, a wi-fi booster, a portable screen and portable speakers. Whilst visiting other training venues, we encountered several common problems related to IT. Consequently, we recommend checking that there will be a member of the event team available to help the presenter to connect to the projectors.

Most smart screen TVs have HDMI connectors, but not all laptops can connect directly via HDMI so it is a good idea to ask the venue if they have converters available.