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COVID secure meetings

We are OPEN for COVID secure meetings

We are delighted to announce that we will be re-opening today, Monday 21 September 2020 and we can’t wait to welcome you back.

Delighted doesn’t really go far enough.

We have missed seeing all of our regular clients, and we can’t wait to catch up with you and find out what you have been doing during lockdown.

It has been 6 months (give or take a day) since we were forced to close because of the pandemic. It has been a challenge and an adventure.

Before the pandemic struck, I had often thought that it would be amazing to be able to press pause, get everything in order, and then press play again…and strangely, that was exactly what we were able to do.

We even had the time to create a video about the work that we have done to improve the space and ensure that it is COVID secure.

image link to latest video

COVID measures to keep delegates safe

If you are a regular at Heath House, you will know that we are passionate about providing a fantastic customer experience, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And we don’t intend to allow COVID to alter that. We have thought through all of the issues, and overcome all of the problems, so that you can feel comfortable, safe and secure whenever you visit.

We have worked closely with the environmental health team to make sure that the steps we are taking are aligned with the latest government guidance.

I should probably begin by outlining the government guidelines for meetings, and then giving you an overview of everything that we have put in place to keep you and your guests safe, but I know that for most of our customers, the highpoint of their meetings at Heath House is the food…so that is where I will begin.

Food and refreshments

We are still able to provide you with fantastic lunches. We have changed the way we serve food, creating individual meals rather than buffets. Most meals will be served in your meeting room, but if you are first to book, you will be able to secure the use of the dining room as well.

We will be developing a series of new menus over the next few months, so please look out for updates.

Keeping groups separate

We have changed the booking process so that we can keep your group separate from any other group who is using the building. Your arrival times and break times will be unique for your group, giving you an exclusive experience.

Ensuring the virus does not enter the building

We want to keep the virus out of the building, so we will ask you a few health questions when you arrive, and we will ask to take your temperature. We know that this might seem a little bit intrusive, but we hope you will support us in protecting everyone.

Social distancing

We have adapted all of our room layouts so that social distancing can be maintained. We will discuss all of the options with you before you book, and we will arrange the meeting room so that it reflects your needs and adheres to guidelines.

Frequent cleaning

We have increased the frequency of our cleaning schedule, paying particular attention to touchpoints. The cleaning products that we use are designed to specifically target viruses.

Hand hygiene

We have introduced sanitising stations at the entrance to the building. Sanitisers are also available next to any identified frequent touchpoints.

Face coverings and business meetings

Face coverings are now essential for most business meetings. Some guests are exempt from wearing masks. You can find detailed guidance here: Government guidelines: When to wear face coverings

We have found that the visors are much better for meetings. They make it easier to communicate, you can read facial expressions, and you soon forget that you are wearing it.

Risk Assessment

We have published a detailed copy of our full COVID risk assessment for meeting rooms. You can download a copy here: COVID Secure Meetings: Risk Assessment.

This document is subject to continuas updates.

Government guidelines for COVID safe meetings

Latest Government guidelines released on 11 September 2020 say:

  • “Meetings of up to 30 people indoors are allowed in permitted venues if social distancing can be maintained and the venue can demonstrate it has followed the COVID-19 guidance.”
  • “If permitted venues have multiple, separate meeting facilities, these can be hired out simultaneously for separate meetings/events if social distancing can be maintained, groups can be kept separate”
  • “Business meetings and events of over 30 people should not currently take place in any venue.”
  • “From 15 August, exhibition and conference centres … Where such venues have small, separate and directly accessible meeting facilities as part of the site, these may be used to host business meetings and events of up to 30 people if social distancing can be maintained”
  • “To reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus, try to keep at least 2 metres away from people you do not live with.”
  • “Where you cannot stay 2 metres apart you should stay more than 1 metre apart, as well as taking extra steps to stay safe.” Government advice on social distancing

Guidelines are changing rapidly. We recomend that you double check for updates here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/the-visitor-economy

The "1 metre plus" rule

If you are using the 1 metre plus rule, here are some examples of extra steps that you can take in order to stay safe within a meeting environment include:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Where appropriate, consider seating delegates so that they are sitting adjacent to each other, facing the front of the room. This removes face to face contact.
  • Open the windows as much as possible.

You can find out more about the guidelines for business meetings under section 2.2.3 Business Events

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