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Our top ten reasons to lease a serviced office

Serviced Offices: Ten reasons to lease a serviced office

Serviced office accommodation - Heath House Conference Centre, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
Heath House Conference Centre, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
Serviced office space- Heath House Conference Centre, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

Serviced offices are growing in popularity. A Savills report dated April 2018 shows a 409% increase in the square footage take up of serviced office space in 2017 compared to 2016 [UK Regional Serviced Offices Market Watch – Spring 2018 https://www.savills.co.uk/research_articles/229130/239218-0 ]. So, what are the key advantages of serviced offices? Here are our top ten reasons to join the serviced office revolution and lease a serviced office. 

1: Prestigious office address

Typically, serviced offices are located in prestigious business centres or dedicated office blocks helping your business to present a professional image and enable you to secure a desirable location at a fraction of the cost of long-term lease arrangements or out right purchases.

2: Reduce set up costs: Fully furnished offices

Furnishing an office requires thought and planning and involves time comparing the best deals on desks, chairs, notice boards, telephone systems, lighting, carpets, copiers…the list goes on. Serviced offices are fully furnished, freeing you to spend time and money developing your business rather than being preoccupied with your office environment.

3: Limit liabilities and pay as you go

Traditional fixed term office rental agreements tie you in for between 3 and 5 years. For many businesses this can mean committing large sums of money and for many these are a significant risk. Serviced office agreements offer flexible short-term arrangements, with many enabling you to pay on a month-by-month basis. This significantly reduces risks and liabilities.

4: Eliminate down time: Plug in and start working immediately

Downtime costs businesses a significant amount of money and can sometimes mean the difference between success and closure. Businesses who are starting up or relocating, often encounter downtime issues in relation to broadband provision and telephony. Liaising with utility providers over broadband provision or telephony can be frustrating particularly when deadlines are not met.  The cost to the business in terms of lost revenue can quickly spiral.  Serviced offices provide a solution. Broadband connections and telephony systems that are ready to use enabling businesses to move in and start working immediately, eliminating downtime completely.

5: Cleaning and maintenance

Do you really want to spend your time advertising, interviewing, appointing and line managing  cleaning and maintenance staff? Serviced offices are fully managed and tend to provide office cleaning and maintenance as standard leaving you free to dedicate yourself to developing the business. 

6: Manned reception

Have you considered how much of your working day can be consumed by dealing with deliveries, greeting guests, and dealing with unwanted cold callers? Serviced offices often have receptionists who are available during office hours to sign for your post, look after your guests and deal with any unwanted cold callers.

7: Simplify budgeting: Control costs

Serviced offices provide a single all-in monthly fee which includes office rental, utilities, broadband, telephony and office cleaning. Having a single monthly fee enables you to predict and limit costs making budgeting incredibly simple.

8: Access to office equipment

Serviced offices are often located in business centres giving you access to larger office equipment like scanners, copiers and printers that are often expensive to purchase or rent. This provides you with a great way to limit set up costs.

9: Access to meeting rooms

Serviced offices sometimes offer a range of additional services like meeting rooms, postal services, receptionist services and catering and refreshments. Business centres that give you access to meeting rooms on a pay as you go basis are particularly useful. Using professional meeting spaces rather than coffee shops and bars enables you to reflect a professional image for your business.

10: Ready-made business network

Serviced offices are often located within business centres or managed buildings. These are typically populated by businesses from different sectors and at different stages of development. They provide a fantastic opportunity to be part of a thriving, dynamic business environment and give you access to a ready-made network of businesses. 

We have outlined the key benefits of serviced office accommodation. If you would like to learn more about the serviced offices at Heath House Conference Centre in Uttoxeter, which is between Burton on Trent and Stoke on Trent, please use one of the links below or alternatively give us a call to find out how we can help your business.

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