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Make your team meetings memorable #3

Team Building 3#: Creative activity

Creative activities give team members the opportunity to try something new and learn a skill. Creative team building activities are often relaxing and promote creative thinking, problem solving and well-being.

Say it: Draw it

Purpose: Improve communication and listening skills and build team relationships.

What you will need: Sheets of blank paper, pencils, and a series of flashcard pictures. (If possible, find pictures of objects or equipment that are relevant to your company.)

How to play: Divide your team into pairs. Each pair sits back to back. Person A is given a flashcard picture, person B is given a piece of paper and pencil. Person A describes the picture so that person B can draw it. Place a time limit of two or three minutes on the exercise. When the time is up person B has to guess what person A is describing. Person B signs the picture and labels the drawing #1 and leaves the drawing with person A

Extending the exercise: Person A remains sitting; person B moves TWO places to their right and sits back to back with their new partner. Person A describes the same picture to their new partner repeating the steps above. Person B labels this drawing #2 and leaves the drawing with person A


The exercise is designed to develop communication skills and listening skills. Compare the drawings #1 to #5. How do they change as person A repeats the descriptions? 

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