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Make your team meeting memorable #2

Team Building Activities: A team challenge

One of the most energising team building activities is a team challenge. The purpose of a team challenge is to strengthen relationships, fortify team spirit, encourage collaboration and healthy competition, improve communication and develop an ethos of positivity and encouragement between team members.  

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Team challenges can be physical challenges or mental challenges. You can adjust the level of challenge so that all of your team members can participate. The emphasis should be on having fun as a team and achieving something together.

Ideas for team challenges:

Complete 1000 steps during the meeting


Challenge your team to do 1000 steps during the course of the meeting. This is a great challenge if you are trying to improve health and wellbeing within your team. Exercise is known to release endorphins so why not start with a group exercise session. Begin with a short walk or alternatively create a stir and get your team laughing by bringing in a portable exercise bike or treadmill and give everyone the chance to do 1000 steps or revolutions. Offer a prize for the first person to complete the challenge and offer a second prize to the person who completes the challenge with the most style. Remember to warn your team so that they can wear appropriate clothes (What about an 80s legwarmers and sweatbands theme for an extra sense of fun) Ask your team to get friends and family to sponsor them with money raised going to your chosen charity.     

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