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Training Room Hire

Training Room Hire

Finding the best training room hire options for your training event can be challenging.

This page is packed with articles related to training room hire. It contains tips on what to look for when you hire a training room and contains the ultimate guide to planning a successful training event and hiring the BEST training venue.

How much does training really cost?

Training courses are a significant investment. The cost of training usually includes up to 4 key components.

  1. The course cost:
  2. Pay for employees while they take the training course
  3. The cost of cover staff
  4. The cost of the training venue.

Where to hold a training course?

Tutor-led training requires physical space, so the next step is to consider where you want to hold the training. There are several options:

  • The Client’s venue
  • Within your office building
  • A conference venue, training centre or meeting venue

If you have decided to provide tutor-led training, most people initially decide to use the clients office as the training venue Taken at face value this often seems the most cost-effective option, but in truth, it can be the most expensive mistake that you can make.

Very few workplaces have a suitable space to hold a training event. Spaces in workplaces are often cramped, they lack projection facilities and leave delegates vulnerable to constant interruptions from colleagues. Ask yourself how many times you have seen people called out of a training event because of an urgent call from a client.

The training environment plays a significant role in the success of any training course. As training courses are a significant investment, it is important to choose the right venue…one that will help you to maximise learning opportunities.

This page contains checklists, training resources and tips to help you hire the best training room.

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